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Do you offer overnight in your home?
Yes, I have a home in Spanish Trail with fenced backyard and I do offer overnights, but for small doggies only.

Do we have to meet before I start service?
Yes, a free initial consultation is needed before we can start service. This usually takes 30-45 min. In the meeting, we will go over paperwork and questions about your pooch and your home, as well as key exchange etc.

Do you offer discounts?
Sorry I’m not offering discounts for my services at this time.

Why should I choose you instead of a pet boarding facility?
Your pet wants to remain in his/her familiar environment. Boarding your pet can create stress and behavioral issues as well as illness from other dogs! Besides, wouldn’t you rather have your pet receive lots of love and personal attention?

Can you let me know how my pet is doing while I’m away?
Of course! This is something I wished my pet sitters would do in the past! I will always stay in contact with you. I prefer text, but I can also call you if preferred. I can even send pics and videos of your baby. 🙂

Why should I do an overnight service?
Overnights are a great peace of mind knowing your home is being looked after as well as your pets getting lots of attention. If your pets are used to sleeping in bed with you, I’d be happy to not break the routine.